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What happens when you have three brothers and no homework and you’re at DISCO? Well, the lovely Lauren draws with your brothers and it gives you a chance to spend some time on the sewing machine, which you have not done since this summer. Mariam was in just such a circumstance last week when she stopped by DISCO after school and we got to work on a pillow for her soon-to-arrive baby sister. The second daughter in a house already filled with four sons! Mariam saw the pillows the members of Bib & Tucker had been working on (including her mother) and she said, “I want to do something even more complicated!” So we looked to the flying geese technique of creating a star. While Mariam sewed, her brothers discussed just exactly how one should go about drawing a ship with sails.


Mariam completes one star and giggles with delight
Mariam and Samba pose in front of Africa after Mariam completes half of her pillow

In the meantime, as the Jalloh family illustrated and sewed its way into the night, local shop owner Brittany Harwell stopped by with her young student, Bradford to work on a sewing project. As it turns out, Bradford recently placed third in the Rising Star design competition held during Birmingham Fashion Week. Bradford is currently working on a prom dress for his sister.


Never a dull moment at DISCO, a place where writing and creating come easily. And how did the evening end? With a drawing competition, of course! Although some judges were more judicious in their award-giving, it was determined by Mariam that Saliou was 1st place, with Lauren 1st runner-up and Abdul was 2nd place with Samba 2nd runner-up. I must admit, I did give Saliou 1st place for the naming of his ship: the Nat King Cole!



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