Do you like my hat?


When I was little, my mother read me a book that I believe was by Dr. Seuss. There were lots of dogs in this book. The dogs went all over the place and did all sorts of amazing things. But the best part of the book was when this male dog would interact with this female dog. They would come across each other, for example, at the grand canyon – each driving an awesome convertible car and wearing ridiculously over-the-top hats. The male dog would, cool as a cucumber, approach the female dog and say, “Do you like my hat?” and she would say, with eyes closed, “No, I do not like your hat.” But before they would go their separate ways, she would call out, in turn, “Do you like my hat?” At which point, what else could the male dog say? “No, I do not like your hat.”



This happened at least three times in the book. Of course, on the last couple of pages, the two dogs meet again and they ask each other the inevitable questions regarding their hats. But this time, the answer is, “Yes, yes! I do like your hat!” “And I like your hat!” And voila! They smile, cavort and end up driving off into the sunset together.

Do you want to make sure you get the right answer the first time around? Well, then you need one of Sharon’s hats. Available now as a reward in our Kickstarter campaign. Hurry! Only 67 more hours to go! (Pledge at $250 for this reward)


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