Testing the Entrepreneurial Waters

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Bib & Tucker has plans to participate as a vendor at festivals and markets around town, but our timeline is a bit too slow for a few members. Sharon and Michelle, when they aren’t working on quilts, have been steadily producing bags and pillows and other little items. Wanting to support the women, Bib & Tucker is doing a bit of micro-financing and we’re excited to watch these women grow as artisans selling their wares.

Because I have a bit of experience as an artist on the festival circuit, I’ve offered advice to Sharon as she signs up for festivals and looks at the cost of doing business. She’s come up with a name for herself, created a logo and printed up price sheets and informational flyers. We’ve discussed pricing your products and the pros and cons of various markets around town.

The duo’s first show was held at a church bazaar a few blocks from DISCO in Woodlawn and I stopped by the morning of the bazaar to help out. Sharon was a bit nervous, a bit excited and completely in her element. I always enjoy discussing religion with her and appreciate her openness. I was curious if it was uncomfortable for her to be in a church, but she said she didn’t mind, which is probably due to her original upbringing in the Christian faith. She did say that when the church members got together to pray before the opening of the bazaar she tried to respectfully stand apart.

The day was a smashing success and some of the concerns that Sharon initially had were soon swept away while new, more realistic ones took their place. Ah, the price of running your own business. I can’t wait to look back a few years from now and say, “Sharon, you CEO, you – look where you’ve been!”

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