Endless Possibilities


Theresa finished her quilt in time to start working on another quilt for QuiltFest so we started looking for a design that she would be interested in making. We are both fans of M.C. Escher and I had found a book of tessellation quilt designs that imitate the artwork of Escher and had even picked out my next project for myself. The day that our entries were due for QuiltFest, Theresa committed to a design from this book. We submitted a photo from the book as a guideline because she had not even chosen her fabric, let alone cut it and sewn it into a quilt top!

We came up with the name “Endless Possibilities” sort of hurriedly and didn’t think much of it until Theresa brought her 63 sewn quilt blocks to Craft Club tonight. As we started to lay out the various options of how her quilt top could be designed, it became harder and harder to choose a final design.


The process of creating this quilt has been such a labor of love from beginning to end. Theresa had several fat quarters already chosen for this design, but after we consulted, it seemed she would need a different variety of fabrics to create the 3-D effect she was looking for. Then, we spent an entire Saturday cutting and listening to music, only to realize later that we had been using the wrong measurement for our pieces.


With QuiltFest fast approaching, I am very happy to announce that the top is sewn and Theresa has chosen a backing fabric and decided to use tie-quilting as her finishing technique. This quilt will be ready for QuiltFest! Endless possibilities and all!

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