Down to the wire


Did we finish our quilts with weeks to spare? Days? Hours? Yes, perhaps hours. Wednesday night, a mere ten hours before the quilts were due, Theresa and I were sitting at the Sew-Op putting the last touches on our own quilts. We turned in nine registrations and by golly, I was going to turn in nine be-pillowcased quilts. Ms. Joyce was at the stage of quilting and binding when we submitted her registration. Jeraldine, Naomi and I chose to enter already made quilts and had only to put labels and sleeves on them at the time of registration. Michelle’s quilt needed binding when we registered her quilt. Sharon’s quilt blocks weren’t yet sewn together and Theresa’s second entry was a photograph in a book! So who was really the very last to finish? Well, it was me. But we got it done and I was so proud of these Bib & Tucker members.

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