The Sew-Op’s first partnership: Molly Green Boutique!

Brittany Hartwell, owner of Molly Green Boutique and honorary member of the Sew-Op (those of you who’ve seen our Kickstarter video may have spied Miss Britt), arrived this past Tuesday to a veritable playground of plaid. Having requested some garments from a few members the week before, she was delighted to find three members working like Santa’s elves on her samples. I thought she was going to shout for joy when she saw our newest member Wani working away on an up-cycled flannel shirt. 


The ladies worked on their samples and Brittany offered suggestions and feedback. Aside from this bit of business, the Sew-Op entertained a large number of new visitors and friends. It was a lively day and we’re looking forward to growing the relationship with Molly Green Boutique. And who could contain themselves when the client looks this cute in a first draft? (Wani managed to whip the shirt into shape in the last half of the afternoon!)


Stay tuned for more details on the items that will be for sale at Molly Green!


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