Inspiration Friday: January 2014

Welcome to Bib & Tucker Sew-Op’s brand new monthly homage to all things inspirational in the sewing and quilting creative, connective web. In the hopes of becoming more active (and informative) on our blog, we’ve come up with this monthly post (others to follow!). This month’s inspiration comes from a mysterious source. While perusing Pinterest for future projects for the Sew-Op, a member came across this image, which is pinned to a board called Quilts/Fibers.


Hoping to find the original creator/poster of this gorgeous quilt, the member clicked on the image, which was originally posted on Flickr, but the link was dead. So, this quilt is out in the universe and is unattributed! Such a shame because it inspired our members a great deal. While it is beautiful in its organic chaos, it is actually an easy quilt to piece and it would utilize scraps, making it ecologically savvy to boot!

The B&T member was so excited to find this beautiful quilt that she made some sample quilt blocks in Photoshop and mocked up a sample quilt with her Photoshop scrappy blocks. Photoshop, other computer software and even graph paper, allow a quilter to play with the design of a scrappy quilt before launching off into making dozens of blocks.

BandT_inspiration_friday_AA_5     BandT_inspiration_friday_AA_3

BandT_inspiration_friday_AA_4     BandT_inspiration_friday_AA_2

I hope that in months to come, I will be able to post a member’s quilt – inspired by this, our first Inspiration Friday post. The problem with inspirations is that there are sometimes too many, making choosing the next project sew impossible! (Couldn’t resist)