Top Ten Reasons to Attend Our Donation Quilt Showcase – Fundraiser & Tea

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Dear all,

It has taken us a little less than one year, working approximately 1,756 hours, but we have completed our PNC Neighborhood Wishlist Challenge of making ten bed quilts to donate to Woodlawn’s YWCA shelter. Tomorrow, we will showcase these ten quilts, along side an opportunity quilt we are affectionately calling ‘Big Baby’. Because top ten lists were once a thing, we humbly offer you the top ten reasons to attend this amazing Showcase, Fundraiser & Tea:

Number 10: You’ll get to see the completed Bib & Tucker Sew-Op Banner. A labor of love that started with a to-scale rendering by Celeste Pfau. Members agreed on a color palette and then we divvied up the letters. Each letter is pieced from scraps and the different styles of piecing reflect the different personalities that make up this incredible group.


Number 9: Reason #9: Stop by to see our ten donation quilts, but stay for some of Mama Glo’s delightful hospitality, heavily supplemented by treats from all the savory and sweet food groups.

Number 8: You’ll be able to get up close and personal with our quilts! See which ones have the fanciest quilting and which ones were possibly bound by ten different people (four binding one quilt in this photo! And everyone of them with their mouths open!)


Number 7: Don’t take our word for it. Trust, which included the Showcase in it’s write up about the 12 holiday shows worth attending this season.


Number 6: Everyone who attends this incredible party will take home a party favor coaster made by members of the Sew-Op. We’ve made 200 – plenty to go around!


Number 5: It’s not just a quilt show, folks. Tres Taylor is having an open house as well. Available art for sale with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Sew-Op!


Number 4: Just in time (and only four years in the making…) – you won’t have to climb all those stairs, you can RIDE in style in the newly-fixed stair chair! (Plan for a bottle neck – this puppy may be working, but we’re talking basic functionality…meaning…slow…)


Number 3: Meet our opportunity quilt, ‘Big Baby’. Purchase chances (1 chance = $1) on this quilt at the Showcase. We will draw a name just before Mother’s Day weekend. This quilt is made up of remaining blocks from several of our other quilts, which means most of our members had a hand in making it. (Want to know why we call it ‘Big Baby’? You’ll have to ask Darlena on Sunday!)

Photo: Major Colbert


Number 2: Our first 25 visitors will receive a complimentary catalog of the show with photos of our quilts and thoughts from our members.


And the Number 1 reason to attend our Donation Quilt Showcase, Fundraiser & Tea: Our members. Join us so that you can meet the incredible, inspiring, strong women that make up this community-driven sewing co-op. We have accomplished so much in the past year and this is only the beginning. We are made up of artists, students, mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, daughters, teachers, gardeners, cooks, poets, and more. We have varying politics and faiths, but we all share a great love of community and a desire to see the art of sewing reincarnated from the status of ‘lost skill’. Spend your afternoon with us. We will not disappoint.

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